Know and love your cat

Helping your cat get over the winter sniffles

17 November 2021

Temperatures are dropping, jumpers and coats are going on, and the evenings are dark; winter’s coming. This is a time of year when both you and your cat can be more susceptible to the sniffles. 

Yes, your furry friend can catch a cold too. And just like us, they’re usually caused by a virus. Don’t worry, though – you’re extremely unlikely to infect each other. But a cold is as miserable for a cat as it is for us humans, and the symptoms are more or less the same:

  • sneezing and sniffles
  • watery eyes
  • runny nose
  • mild fever

In bad cases, your cat may stop eating and even get a cough. So what can you do to make your feline companion feel better? 

Well the first thing is something you should never do: give your cat over-the-counter cold remedies for humans. Instead, help them clean their eyes and nose with a warm, damp cloth. Be gentle and remember that just like us, your cat may be a bit grumpier when they’re under the weather.

Keep the house nice and warm, and make sure they’ve got a cosy spot to curl up and get comfortable, maybe with an extra blanket or a pet-safe heating mat. 

If they’re having trouble breathing, you could try putting them in the bathroom while you’re showering. Not in the shower itself, of course – but the heat and steam may help open their nasal passages a little.

If they don’t get better within a week or two, or they’re coughing or not eating, take them to the vet. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Just like with humans, though, the best way to fight off colds is to prevent them in the first place. If you know a cat in your neighbourhood has a cold, or it’s a particularly cold and wet spell of weather, consider keeping yours inside for a few days.

Your furry friend will also resist colds better if they’re in tip-top condition. So make sure you clean out their litter tray regularly to keep things as hygienic as possible. Our wide range of litters are made with nature at heart, which means the right one to protect your cat is readily available.  

Choose the right litter, keep the litter box clean and fresh and your home warm, and your cat is more likely to stay healthy all winter long.