Our Story

Like you, we are cat owners. We believe a fresh, clean litter box is essential to keeping our cats and our homes safe and clean.

We are for those who love cats and their instincts, and respect their natural behaviour. We don’t want to change them but to only embrace them for who they are.

At Sanicat, we have been making litter around the world that cares for cats, homes and the planet for over 60 years.

We know nature offers the best resources to help us look after our cats and their natural needs. So, we cross the world to find the best for them. We search for the highest quality natural minerals to use for our litters, while always protecting the sources we use.

In everything we do, we strive to improve the shared space for cats and people who care for them.

Introducing Sani the cat

Meet our mascot, Sani the cat

Sani the Cat represents everything that we love about cats: their curiosity, playfulness and a sense of adventure in and outside the home. Sani the Cat spends most of his time with his human & animal friends, climbing up the trees or sneaking about in the grass.

Our litter products are specially designed to keep cats like Sani the Cat, happy and healthy with a hygienic litter area while respecting their feline instinct.

You will find Sani the Cat on all of our newly branded packs, a friendly face to help you navigate through the different litter types we offer.

Our promise to the planet

At Sanicat, we harness the power of nature to create litter that is not only kind to paws but the planet. Nature and cats are the reason we exist, and we want to care for both in the best, most responsible way.

We care about the wellbeing of our planet, and our goal is to reach 0% plastic packaging, by using planet friendly packaging alternatives.

This is why we say NO to plastic and YES to using FSC certified paper and carton.

We do our best to responsibly mine our mineral products and purchase only from best in class suppliers.

We are constantly looking to expand our planet friendly products, such as our Plant Based litter range that is made from repurposed industry waste.

We strive to continuously improve our logistics and business models to measure and reduce our carbon footprint and impact.

Striving for the best


We are pioneers in the cat litter industry with over 60 years of experience and knowledge to share.

We never stop in our search for improving and delivering only the best products. Continuously learning and listening from our customers has helped us shape and improve our brand and products, to create better solutions for everyone.

That is the reason why we offer our 3 ranges of cat litter: Classic, Clumping and Plant Based, as a response to the different needs and lifestyles of cats and customers around the world.


We have an ongoing commitment to sustainability, and that is why our values are at the heart of everything we do. We do our best to responsibly source and mine all the minerals we use.



We are always searching for the highest quality raw materials for our products. All our products are sourced from only the best in class suppliers.