At sanilove, we believe in people and pets living together in harmony and are committed to making this possible in the most honest, transparent and responsible way.

We offer a large range of home and pet care products, created to help improve and support daily living between you and your pets. Our products are made from natural and sustainable ingredients as much as possible, to ensure you and your pets are cared for in the safest and best way.

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More and more people have pets at their homes. Overtime, we not only develop strong bonds with our furry friends but also reach a point where they are part of the family. We, at sanilove, strongly believe in helping people and pets share spaces together with harmony and empathy. And we are committed to doing so in the most responsible and transparent way.

Fall in love with our wide range of home, pet care and grooming products created to improve daily interactions between you and your loved. Our commitment to sustainability is serious, thus, our products are made from natural ingredients to provide the safest solutions for the pet and the planet.

We frequently interact with our pets: play with them, hold them in our arms, pet them, and enjoy those relaxing moments on the sofa where physical contact and purring only reinforce this bond. Our range of Wet Wipes make daily life living with our pets a whole lot easier! Handy to use after a day on the beach, playing in the park or during a walk in the rain. They are enriched with hydrating agent and natural plant extracts, to gently soothe and protect your pet’s skin. Available for different purposes and in different fragrances, they are suitable for all cats, dogs, kittens and puppies out there. Made from 100% plastic free plant based viscose.

Eliminating bad odour at home can be a tedious task, but our range of anilove Floor Cleaners for homes with pets help neutralise unwanted odours. Thanks to its innovative formula, our Floor Cleaner leaves a long-lasting scent and helps to keep surfaces free of dirt, hair and paw prints. They are not only suitable for the daily cleaning of all kinds of floors but also ideal for homes with pets. We care about convenience as much as you do. Our floor cleaners are quick to use, produce no foam and do not require rinsing. Available in 3 different scents, they leave fresh scent and keeps bad odours at bay.

Giving our dogs regular baths is essential part of ongoing grooming and good hygiene. Our Shampoo rage is made from 98% natural ingredients protects your dog’s fur and skin. It contains a blend of natural plant extracts bio certified to gently cleanse your dog’s fur and protect their skin. As a promise we made to the planet, we are strongly committed to the environment, that’s why we say NO to plastic for our shampoos. Our bottles are made of bioplastic and certified as I’m Green, to help reduce the environmental impact.

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