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Our clumping litters scoop it all up

Our Clumping litters are made from natural minerals that clump together when wet, to form solid clumps that trap and absorb liquids. The clumps can be scooped out without changing the entire litter tray, to keep it clean every day.

Litter Features

Requires regular removal of clumps. This means less frequent changing of the whole litter tray.

Guaranteed Odour Control – powered by our Oxygen Odour Control technology using the natural power of the oxygenation process to neutralise and decompose bad odours.

Low tracking

No dust

Sanicat offers a variety of Clumping solutions, suited for all lifestyles and cat preferences. Good for your cat, your home, and the planet.

Clumping Range Cat Litter Video

Cleaning your cat litter has never been a breeze. Watch this video to discover our Sanicat Clumping Litter range. It’s easy to scoop and keeps your home fresh & clean every day, without having to change the entire litter tray. Powered by oxygen odour control, it keeps our furry friends miles away from bad smells .

Find the perfect litter for you and your cat!

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The joy of having a feline friend comes with the responsibility of keeping everyone comfortable and annoyances from time to time, such as unpleasant odours coming from their litter box. Every cat, and every cat owner, has a preference for the type of litter used in the litter box. And, when it comes to freshness, hygiene and cleanliness, our furry friends often set as high standards as we do.

Nature and cats are why we exist, and we want to minimize our social and environmental footprint – or better yet, paw print. We strive to improve our daily processes and to reduce our impact on natural resources. Our commitment to sustainability is as serious as our commitment to happy paws and happy owners. Our three different litter families allow you to make a choice that is right for your cat and also gives you peace of mind in knowing that your furry friend has a clean, hygienic space that keeps the environment in mind.

We have been making litter around the world that cares for cats, homes and the planet for over 60 years. Thus, we pride ourselves as the experts in cat litter and know that we have a perfect solution for you and your cat.

Fall in love with our Clumping Litter range that is perfect for quick, everyday clean-ups. The solid clumps lock in the bad odours and make scooping a breeze. Our Clumping Litter requires regular clump removal, but the whole tray does not need to be changed as frequently. Sanicat’s Clumping Litter has strong odour control power, is dust free and controls tracking.

And, we’re not done yet! Our clumping range offers wide variety of products in different textures, colours and fragrance. We got all our feline friends covered! It is offered in our Convenience and Special ranges with scented and fragrance-free options, meaning you can find the perfect litter for your household.

Our Sanicat products ensure a clean, happy home. Each litter has unique qualities that serve the specific needs of your household and your furry friend.

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