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Turkish Angora, the elegant


Turkish Angoras are loyal, very intelligent, charismatic and also proud. Their legacy as a revered breed in their country of origin, Turkey, is quite evident. They love to climb onto the highest spot they can find, as if to guard their territory in a Lion King-style. Angoras also tend to be very careful; they are highly coordinated and elegant in their movements, and also mindful of objects around them.

They are friendly with the whole family (if the whole family treats them well, of course), including children. But they choose the most affectionate member of the family to be their best friend. They usually don’t like noise, excess movement around them or frequent travelling. They are the perfect breed for people who live alone or have a quiet lifestyle.


The sight of their completely white coat (their classic fur) in contrast to their large almond-shaped eyes of vivid orange, green and blue hues, is irresistible to lovers of aristocratic cats. In Turkey, white Angoras are considered a symbol of purity. However, you can find Angoras with coats in almost all colours, usually in uniform layers, as a result of their long record in genetic selection.

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