Sani's litter tips

23 August 2023
La lettiera per gatti può causare l'asma

Best Litter for Cats and owners with Asthma

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4 August 2022
A kitten yawns in the sun

Your cat litter: the best way to keep bad odours at bay in the summer

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8 March 2022

Cat covering behaviour: the covered and uncovered truths

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26 May 2021

Litter allergies: how to detect and eliminate them

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6 April 2021

Cat litter do’s and don’ts for when nature calls

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11 September 2020

Choose the best litter for you and your cat

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27 July 2019

How to avoid bad odours in a house with cats

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11 March 2019

4 tricks to help your cat feel more comfortable using the litter box at home

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