Sani's litter tips

4 tricks to help your cat feel more comfortable using the litter box at home

11 March 2019

“Going to the litter box” is one of your cat’s daily needs. Nevertheless, many cats find it especially difficult to make good use of this disposal system. When this happens, your cat is trying to tell you that they don’t feel comfortable with the methods you have provided them with.  For this reason, we are bringing you a few simple tricks which will help your cat to feel more comfortable when using the litter box at home. 

Choose a litter box which coincides with your pet’s preferences

You should always make sure that the litter box you choose falls in line with your cat’s preferences. There are cats (and owners) who may prefer a closed litter box. On the other hand, others may feel more comfortable using a litter box without four walls surrounding them. Try buying a litter box which can be both covered and uncovered. You will then be able to see which way they prefer it.  Above all, the most important thing is that the litter box is large enough for your cat to maneuver freely and have the space they need to feel comfortable.

Give your cat some privacy when they’re using the litter box

Cats need privacy when using the toilet, just like everyone else. Therefore, it is important to place their litter box in a corner of your house where they won’t feel too exposed. The area should also be quiet and peaceful.  If your cat isn’t able to enjoy some peace and quiet when using their litter box, they will choose not to use it.  

One litter box for each of your cats

It is recommended that you should have one litter box for each cat in your home, i.e. if you have more than one cat, you must have more than one litter box. We also advise having a spare for when you need to fully clean the ones you already have. Sharing is something that cats aren’t particularly good at.  

Keep the litter box clean

Cats are very neat animals; if you want to make sure they use their litter box, it is important to keep it clean and smelling nice.  You should choose the type of litter according to the amount of time you have available to clean it.  Ideally, the waste should be removed daily and the whole box must be changed either weekly or monthly, according to the make and manufacturer’s suggestions.  There are certain litters which are especially designed to neutralise bad odors: silica gel litters or an absorbent litters will help keep both the litter box and your house smelling lovely, as well as ensuring your cat feels comfortable. 

In short, as long as the litter box is in a quiet location, is clean and smells nice, your cat will start to feel more at ease when using it.  By following these simple tips, both you and your cat will be able to enjoy better hygiene and lower stress levels.  Give your cat what they need and in return you will be able to live happier alongside your beloved pet.