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The most common cat names in Europe

When it comes to naming a kitten, there are plenty of options to choose from. Specialists say that the best cat names are short and easily recognisable. Cats are best at recognising the sharp sounds of letters like i, u, s, l, and f.

If you’re trying to think of a name for the newest addition to your family, you might draw inspiration from the most popular cat names in Europe. Keep reading to find out what the most common names for cats are in Spain, the UK, Italy, France, and Portugal.

France: Tigrou, Gribouille, Isis, Simba, Kitty
Our French friends seem to find inspiration in classic characters from literature and cartoons. Tigrou is the French version of Tigger, Winnie the Pooh’s bouncing buddy, and Gribouille is a character from a children’s TV show.  

United Kingdom: Charlie, Poppy, Oscar, Bella, Alfie
In the UK, we opt for human names, although many of them seem to be inspired by pop culture characters. Charlie, Poppy, and Alfie are the feline protagonists of different series and children’s shows.

Italy: Romeo, Pallina/Pallino, Micio/Micia, Luna, Chicco/Chicca
The names that Italians choose for their cats are more descriptive: Pallino means “little ball” and Micio is a colloquial term for “kitty.” Chicco is a nickname for names like Francisco and Federico, but it can also refer to a coffee bean, a grape seed, or a bead on a necklace.

Portugal: Lua, Baltazar, Simba, Kitty, Coco
Portugal has several names in common with other countries. Lua, which means “moon,” is also common in Spain and Italy. It’s the perfect name for a little white cat.

Spain: Coco, Bimba, Leo, Lola, Luna
Spaniards continue to choose classic names like Leo and Lola. In recent years, the name Bimba—which means “girl” in Italian—has gained popularity.

Holly Golightly, the protagonist of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, refused to name her cat because it didn’t belong to her. But unlike her, you probably want to make your favourite pet feel like it’s yours. Choose a name with care, and teach it to your kitten while they’re small. In no time at all, they’ll recognise it when you call! 


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