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How to show your cat love and affection

You and your cat are best friends. You show your love by pampering them, caring for their needs and worrying about their diet and health. But do you know how to show your love in a way they can understand? Animal and feline behaviour experts recommend these five ways to create a loving bond with your favourite pet.

Bring your face close to theirs

When your cat is feeling affectionate, they love to purr and get close, nudging you gently with their head—especially on yours. Bringing their head close to yours is their way of getting your attention and showing you have their trust. You don’t have to return the message by headbutting your cat, but if you bring your face close to theirs and maintain contact, your cat will know that the feeling is mutual, and you’ll be showing your love in a way they understand. 

Pet your cat as if you were their mother

There are cats that show their affection by trying to groom you, licking you as if you were a member of the same species. For them, this is a way of expressing friendship and love, in the same way that a cat grooms their kittens. Accept this contact to show that you appreciate their feelings towards you, and try to reciprocate by petting their head and back softly with a warm, damp cloth.  

Make “cat eyes”

When your cat is relaxed in your company and they feel good, they’ll often blink slowly at you with their eyes half-closed. In the language of cats, this look signifies confidence and affection, and specialists in feline behaviour use it to gain the trust of these animals.  If you have one of these relaxing moments with your cat, and they start making eyes at you, try lowering your face to their level and imitating how they blink. They’ll definitely understand you!

Pet your cat from nose to tail

Cats love to rub the top part of their body against yours. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day to find your cat purring at full volume and rubbing up against your leg. This is not only a way for them to show you that they’re happy to see you, but also a way to mark you with their scent, claiming you as theirs.  Return the favour by softly petting your cat from their nose to the tip of their tail to show that the feeling is mutual.

Play with your cat

Domestic cats tend to have low levels of activity. Spending time playing with them is one way to strengthen the bond between you, and also to help them develop their feline hunting instinct. At the pet store you can find plenty of toys for them, but the best are those that are designed for you to play together and share your affection.

All of these ideas and activities will help you show your love to your favourite companion. It’s important that your cat realises that you’re taking time to communicate with them.  Wait for a moment when they’re relaxed and looking for love to try out these techniques. We all know that cats have lots of love to give—when they feel like it!

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