For The Little Ones

When Does a Kitten Become a Cat?

14 May 2023

Kittens go through different stages of development before they become adult cats. Here are the most common stages:

  1. Neonatal stage (0-2 weeks): Kittens are born blind and deaf, and rely solely on their sense of touch and smell to navigate and find their mother for food and warmth.
  2. Transitional stage (2-4 weeks): Kittens' eyes and ears begin to open, and they start to learn to walk and play.
  3. Socialization stage (4-12 weeks): Kittens start to interact with their littermates, mother, and humans, and learn important social skills.
  4. Juvenile stage (3-6 months): Kittens start to lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth, and may start to show signs of sexual maturity.

Kittens are considered adult cats when they reach one year old. At this point, they have fully developed adult teeth, and their growth rate has slowed down significantly. However, some breeds may take longer to fully mature.

To ensure that your kitten grows up healthy, provide them with proper nutrition, socialization, and regular veterinary care. Feed them high-quality kitten food that meets their specific nutritional needs, and schedule regular checkups with your veterinarian to monitor their growth and development.

In conclusion, kittens grow up and become adult cats at around one year old. To help your kitten grow up healthy, give them the proper care they need, including good nutrition, socialization, and regular veterinary checkups.