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Can cats get depressed?

30 November 2023
can cats get depressed

Cats, those enigmatic and independent companions, bring joy to our lives with their quirky personalities. However, it's essential to acknowledge that cats can get depressed. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the signs and causes of cat depression, particularly after welcoming a new kitten, moving to a new home, changes in routine, physical health issues, boredom, or the loss of a family member.


Recognizing cat depression symptoms


To address feline depression, it's crucial to understand the depressed cat symptoms. Cats might display lethargy, changes in appetite, excessive grooming or lack thereof, hiding, vocalizing more or less, and avoiding social interactions. Identifying these signs early is vital for their well-being.


Causes of cat depression


Cat depression after new kitten


Introducing a new kitten into the household can lead to territorial disputes and behavioral changes in older cats. This upheaval often causes feline depression after a new kitten arrives. Patience and proper introductions are key to easing this transition.


Moving to a new home


Cats are creatures of habit, and a move to a new home can be overwhelming. Moving to a new home can trigger depression in cats, as they need time to adapt to their new environment. Familiarizing them with their surroundings and comforting routines can help alleviate their stress.


A drastic change in routine 


Cats thrive on predictability, so any drastic change in routine can disrupt their sense of security. Alterations in feeding times, play schedules, or human interactions can contribute to cat depression. Maintaining a consistent routine can help them feel safe and at ease.


A change in their physical health 


Physical ailments can manifest as mental distress in cats. A change in health, particularly pain or discomfort, can lead to a depressed cat. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for early diagnosis and intervention.




Cats are natural hunters and need mental stimulation to stay happy. Boredom can quickly lead to depression. Providing toys, interactive play, and opportunities for exploration can help alleviate their restlessness.


Loss of a family member


The loss of a fellow feline companion or a beloved family member can profoundly affect a cat. The grieving process is real for them, and they may exhibit signs of depression during this time. Extra care, attention, and patience are necessary to help them cope.


How to cheer up a depressed cat


If you suspect your cat is depressed, there are ways to help them regain their zest for life. Engage in interactive play, provide stimulating toys, maintain a consistent routine, and create a comfortable space. If their depression persists, consult your veterinarian for guidance on potential medical intervention.

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In conclusion, can cats get depressed? Absolutely. Understanding the causes of cat depression and recognizing the symptoms are the first steps in addressing their emotional well-being. With your support and appropriate interventions, your feline friend can find happiness once more.

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