Kind to the planet

Nature, sustainability, and cats at heart

6 August 2021

At Sanicat, we know that you want what’s best for your furry friends. With over 60 years of experience in the litter business, we’ve mastered the art of caring for your cat’s personal business. Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint, or better yet, pawprint. Here’s how we continue to care for paws and the planet.

The best resources for your cat’s natural needs can be found in nature. And at Sanicat, we go above and beyond to find them. Our litters are made with the highest-quality minerals available, and are purchased by leading suppliers who mine them responsibly. We do our part to protect the planet and your pet.

Whether it’s Clumping, Absorbent, or Plant Based, our litter ranges are made from natural materials, ensuring that your homes and your feline friend’s paws are protected with every use or clean-up. The absorbent bentonite clay we use comes in different sizes and colours, just like in nature, and varies based on the litter you choose. Bentonite swells and absorbs when wet, making it the perfect natural solution for your litter box. 

Keeping nature at heart, we are always seeking new ways to be planet friendly. Our Plant Based litter range helps us do just that. Available in both Classic Absorbent and Clumping lines, this range guarantees our carbon footprint is limited. The materials used come from waste or biomass by-product, meaning they are 100% organic, biodegradable, and recycled. These ranges are also easy to dispose of and are kind to paws. Who doesn’t want to repurpose plant-based materials to help protect the planet?

Whichever of our litter range is right for your cat, the important dos and don’ts to keep your furry friend happy remain the same:

  • Do keep it clean, scooping the waste daily and giving the litter box a monthly wash.
  • Don’t use cleaning products containing ammonia to clean the tray. It could irritate your cat and discourage them from using the box.
  • Do make sure the tray is in the right place. Your own cat’s needs will be particular, but keeping the tray away from where they eat and in a spot where they have some privacy is a good start.
  • Don’t switch litter types suddenly. Once you’ve found which of our litters works best for your cat, stick to it. Your cat won’t like sudden changes!
  • Do dispose of the waste responsibly; don’t flush it down the toilet, which isn’t designed to deal with clumps of cat litter.

Our website lists the composition and specific features of all our litters, helping you choose the one that your cat will love and showing you that we at Sanicat do everything we can to keep nature, sustainability and your cat at heart.