Know and love your cat

Keep your cat cool for the summer

6 June 2021

As the temperatures start to rise you may take one look at your feline friend and assume they are miserable in the heat. Don’t worry! Your cat is excellent at regulating their body temperature with their natural instincts. 

You may notice that your cat will groom themselves more regularly throughout the summer. This is how they activate their personal air conditioning system. Cats wet their fur with their saliva, and as the air passes over it, they cool right down. Although they can manage pretty well on their own, we at Sanicat have a few tips to ensure their comfort. 

Help them groom. Brushing your cat more often will help them be more efficient with their personal cooling tricks. If your cat’s coat is tangle-free, it will reduce hairballs and make it easier for them to wet their fur more evenly. 

Create an oasis. Who doesn’t love a getaway spot when it’s hot? Help your cat by creating an elevated space with a light breeze. An elevated bed next to a window or in front of a fan allows for circulation. If you freeze a bottle of water and set it in front of the fan, your cat will be cool and comfortable on even the hottest day. 

Keep them hydrated. It’s important for your cat to stay hydrated when it’s hot. Set out fresh bowls of water around the house so they have more options and are subtly reminded to take a sip. 

Scoop daily. If your cat is drinking more water, nature is going to call a bit more often. Clean their litter box daily to ensure maximum comfort. The clumping power in our Clumping litters make it easy to tidy the box quickly. 

Cats have sweat glands in their paws and wet prints can indicate they are sweating and need to drink more water. Also keep an eye out for panting, drooling or fever as they may be suffering from heatstroke. Contact your vet if you’re concerned. At Sanicat, our cat litter is made with nature at heart and will protect their paws and keep cats – and their humans – happy and cool.