Know and love your cat

Cats help keep the blues out of Blue Monday

12 January 2022

This Blue Monday doesn’t have to be so blue, especially when your furry friend is involved. What’s known to be the saddest day of the year, Blue Monday can have its effects on your mood. It’s been proven that even just watching a video of a cat can brighten viewers’ energy and keep negative emotions at bay. 

A video is great, but you’re even luckier – you have the real thing. Your cat not only can help you on Blue Monday, but every other day of the year. Read on to discover more about the natural healing powers of your feline friend.

Concentration. Your cat’s presence releases a calming sensation that aids in concentration. Just having your furry companion nearby can help your levels of focus and productivity. 

Stress and cardiovascular health. Cats are good for your heart. They’re known to lower stress levels, improve your cardiovascular health (reducing risk of heart attack and stroke) and help ease anxiety with their natural calming effects.

Companionship. Cats provide a level of companionship, especially for those working from home, those who are feeling lonely or those who may be mourning. Talking to your furry friend can help you work out your feelings without ever feeling judged. Plus, if you show them love, they’ll return it later on.

Better sleep. According to a study carried out by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine, 41% of participants indicated that they slept better because of their pet.

Share feelings. Although sometimes they may seem aloof, your feline friend can understand your feelings and even read your facial cues. If you’re feeling down, your cat will notice and react accordingly. 

Family matters. Cats are excellent for your overall well-being, but they’re even better for your kids. Babies who grow up with pets are at lower risk for developing asthma and allergies. Cats can also influence behaviours, teach responsibility and allow kids to develop close connections.

Cats are loving creatures, but you have to return their love by keeping them healthy and happy. Our extensive range of litters helps guarantee that you’ll find the purrfect match for your feline friend and their sensitive paws. 

So stay cheery this Blue Monday and enjoy those extra cuddles.