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Adopting a kitten: 3 ways to turn your home into a kitten-safe space

18 July 2022

Curious, playful, and adorable – kittens add joy to any household. But, each furry baby is also a unique individual, with their own distinct personalities, habits, and needs. Adopting a kitten is a fun and exciting journey that requires a bit of preparation. 

It’s time to get your home ready to handle your new kitten’s scratching, climbing, and jumping. And depending on their age, health, and level of socialisation, there are essentials to stock up on before you can bring your new feline friend home. 

Here are our top three tips to help you turn your home into a cosy kitten sanctuary:     

Stock up on the basics. The good news is that your kitten doesn’t need much to thrive. At the very least, they should have: 

  • Quality wet and dry food, developed specifically for kittens
  • Water and food bowls
  • A suitably sized litter box, and one extra
  • Kitten-safe cat litter, such as our Recycled Cellulose litter, which is soft on tiny paws
  • A safe place to sleep – cat beds are a great option 
  • A scratching pad or post
  • Many, many cat toys!

Create a sanctuary. Adopted kittens are often nervous when they first get to their new home. So, it makes sense to have a dedicated space where they can adjust to their new environment. Set up a space in a safe area or room where your kitten will stay until they get used to you, your home, family, and any other pets. They should live in this space for two to seven days before they’re ready to take over as the king or queen of the castle. 

Kitten-proof the space. Your new feline friend is curious by nature. You can respect their natural instincts by eliminating the tempting, unsafe attractions. Bleach, floor cleaner, and any other dangerous chemicals should be stored in hard-to-reach spots. Put away any prized or breakable objects until your kitten has finished exploring. And be sure to kitten-proof the electrical outlets and address any loose wires running through your space.    

In a lot of ways, kittens are like newborn babies – they require a lot of care, attention, and love. But, with a bit of research and a few small changes, your kitten will be safe, happy, and ready to show their affection.