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Advanced Hygiene Fragrance Free Cat Litter

Advanced Hygiene litter EN
Advanced Hygiene litter EN

Sanicat Advanced Hygiene Fragrance Free

Superior absorbent litter that traps urine and controls bad odours for up to three times longer than standard non-clumping litters.

Odour Control
Dust Control
Tracking Control

Enriched with the natural power of Oxygen to decompose any source of bad smell, ensuring that what happens in the litter box, stays in the litter box.

Sanicat Lasts 3 Times Longer Badge

Traps liquid and bad odours for three times longer than standard non-clumping litters, providing long-lasting hygiene without having to replace the full tray.

Leaves no dust and stains and is soft on your cat’s paws.

Highly absorbent litter that covers up your cat’s pee and poo for improved visible hygiene.

Super lightweight material for better transport, usage and storage.

Composition: natural diatomite

Available formats: 5L, 10L

Sanicat Advanced Hygiene is made from diatomite which naturally retains liquid inside its micropores, without leaking, even when saturated. The superior absorbency power of this litter will trap urine, control bad odours, and keep your cat’s tray smelling fresh for up to three times longer than a standard non-clumping litter, providing long-lasting hygiene without having to replace the full tray.

This fragrance-free litter is made from naturally smooth, rounded granules, which are soft on cat’s paws and key for cat acceptance. It is a lightweight litter, so it is easy to carry, pour and store at home.

5L of Advanced Hygiene litter is enough to fill your cat’s litter tray and guarantees long-lasting hygiene. The 10L format is suitable to fill two trays.

Fragrance Free.

Fill up the tray with the whole content of the pack.

Remove faecal matter regularly.

Completely replace the product after 30 days, once it has lost its hygienic properties.

Discard in the rubbish bin in accordance with local regulations.

Wash the tray with warm water and soap.

*Instructions for optimal use: 30x40cm tray located in a properly ventilated environment and for one cat.

We recommend pregnant women to avoid any contact with cat feces.

Keep out of reach of children.

Wash your hands after use.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Do not ingest.