sanilove: The heart that beats for two

At sanilove we know what people and their pets need. That helps us bring you a comprehensive, varied and versatile range of products. We know how to adapt to changing market trends, and even how to spark those changes ourselves. All of this is possible thanks to the strength and experience of Tolsa, our parent company, and their flagship brand in the sector, Sanicat.

Our purpose: Living together in harmony

Our purpose as a brand is to promote the well-being of people and their pets, improving the relationship between them through our products. At Sanilove we are dedicated to our customers and their pets. We work to help humans and animals live together in the best way possible. This means always offering the highest quality, because we know this is the only way we can achieve excellence in every product.


Everything we do is motivated by our love for animals and for our customers. That feeling transforms into energy that comes from within, from the very heart of Sanilove. It drives us to improve, to be passionate about what we do and to take care of people and their pets.


Innovation is creation. Passion, along with our experience, allows us to understand future market movements, spot trends and understand the most important motivations of consumers, so that we can meet their needs in a novel and effective way.

Sanilove by numbers

  • Presence in 22 countries
  • More than 30 different products for your pet
  • 60,000 customers chose our product in 2017
  • More than 100,000 happy animals