Sanicat Light & Clump

Clumping litter that’s 40% lighter and lasts 30% longer.

Sanicat Light & Clump clumping litter lasts seven days longer than conventional bentonite litters, and is 40% lighter. It’s made of 100% natural clay and is completely dust-free—so owners will like it just as much as their cats do.

The primary feature of clumping litters is their easy cleanup. Sanicat Light & Clump consists of a very fine clay that has great absorption and clumping power. It turns liquid waste into solid clumps that are incredibly easy to remove from the litter box, leaving the rest of the litter in perfect condition. Light & Clump clumping litter is unscented and free of chemical additives.

It’s pleasant for cats, effectively absorbs bad odours, and helps keep the litter box clean. 

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