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Choosing the best litter for your cat

Clumping, absorbent, plant-based, silica gel… How do you know which litter to buy? Our lifestyle, how much time we can devote to cleaning the litter box or the particular characteristics of each household are all factors we should take into consideration before choosing one type of cat litter over another. But make no mistake, we know who's really in charge at home, so the decision should be based primarily on the needs and tastes of your pet. It’s your cat who will have the final say.☺

Clumping litter

The main advantage of clumping litter is that it is easy to clean and remove waste. Maintenance is very simple: you only have to add new litter into the used area, where a ball or solid clump has formed, every time your kitty uses the litter box. 

Absorbent litter
With absorbent litter you can stop worrying about your kitty’s litter box for at least a week. During this time, the litter will remain dry and clean (just remember to check it and remove the feces). 

Eco-friendly litter
Ecological litter consists of small granules made of recycled wood sawdust from other activities. It helps us protect the environment without neglecting our pet’s health. Fine-grain litter

During the first few months, fine-grain litter is recommended — both absorbent and clumping — because it does not harm your kitten’s paws. As your cat grows older, you should try out different litters so that your cat can choose which one they like best: clumping, scented, etc. 

Don’t take any chances
Did you know that using cat litter reduces disease transmission? With cat litter you delimit the space where your cat goes to the bathroom. This way you also narrow the area in which diseases your kitty could suffer from may spread.
Do not take any chances and always use litter for your cat’s feces. For the sake of your pet’s health and your family’s, too. 

In our product catalogue you will find all types of Sanicat litter. Choose the one that’s right for your cat.

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