Sanicat has been taking care of your pets with innovative and top-quality products for over 35 years.

We are a brand of Tolsa, a 100 % Spanish corporation that is a leader in the European market for pet care products.

We are present in more than 60 countries in which we own 9 deposits and reserves of more than 100 million tonnes. Tolsa mines, processes and commercialises absorbent minerals which are the raw materials used for production of cat litter. 


We meticulously control every detail of the production process to comply with the strictest standards for quality and innovation. 

Our R&D&I department is an international leader in the field of special clays and the products we design are supported by the main quality control institutions.

The quality of our products, processes and services is assured by:

  • Quality Management: ISO 9001
  • Environmental management: ISO 14001
  • Specialty feed: FAMI QS
  • Food safety: certificate BRC


Environmental awareness

We respect and care for the environment. What is more, we do so not as a matter of complying with regulation but as a matter of principle.

This is the reason why we adjust our approach accordingly every step of the way: from mining without explosives through production, packaging and transport all the way to employing clean energy, reducing emissions and minimising spills and waste. 

Social responsibility

It is our priority task to guarantee that all our workers have decent working conditions that are in compliance with requirements set by the current legal framework  – wherever they happen to be working.

We make use of our international leverage to spread the values of Sanicat and Tolsa to all the regions we operate in.

That is why we launch social responsibility projects that aim to promote equal opportunities, local development and non-discrimination in communities, such as  Lam-Lamséré and Ndiakhaté in Senegal.