Plant Based Litter

Recycled Cellulose Pellets Multipet Cat Litter

Sanicat Recycled Cellulose Pellets Multipet

100% Recycled Cellulose Pellets Multipet Absorbent litter made of residue material from the packaging and hygiene industries.

FSC Certified Packaging

100% Compostable according to the IFU Institute Certificate, the litter completely composts after 9 weeks.

Natural Absorbent litter that absorbs liquids and smells.

Extremely absorbent litter with high liquid absorption capacity.

Soft for all paws – cats, small mammals and birds.

Made of lightweight material for easy transportion, usage and storage.

Composition: 100% Pulp/Cellulose. 100% recycled cellulose from the hygiene and packaging industries.

Available formats: 10L & 20L

Plant based litter inspired by nature, that is kind to paws and the planet.

Sanicat Recycled Cellulose Pellets is a naturally Absorbent litter made out of 100% residue material from the packaging and hygiene industries. Our litter helps contribute to a more sustainable cat litter cycle.

Litter is in the form of cellulose pellets and is suitable for cats, small mammals and birds.

Fill up the tray with a 6cm layer of litter.

Remove faecal matter regularly for the litter to last longer. Don’t dispose of used product down the toilet.

Completely replace the product once it has been used up and has lost its hygienic properties.

Discard in the rubbish bin in accordance with local regulations.

Wash the tray with warm water and soap.

We recommend pregnant women to avoid any contact with cat feces.

Keep out of reach of children.

Wash your hands after use.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Do not ingest.