Our Sanibird litter is made from natural minerals with high absorption and odour control power, suitable for bird cages. Our litter helps to reduce moisture and minimise the risk of Coccidiosis.


There are lots of different types of birds, and all sorts can make wonderful pets. Many birds enjoy close contact, which makes many of them nice, social and sometimes cuddly friends. Pet birds love to interact with their human companions. Some just love to talk or sing to us, giving us friendship and relaxation.

In spite of their attractive appearance and good nature, learning how to take care of a pet bird does take a little bit of work. Cleaning your bird’s cage can at first seem like a tedious chore. With so many bars, cracks, and crevices to scrub, it can be hard for new bird owners to figure out where to start. However, maintaining a clean environment for your pet takes only a few minutes a day, but can possibly add years to your bird’s life.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environments for our birds also keeps parasites and infections at bay. Coccidiosis – one of the oldest known diseases known for birds in the world, can be significantly controlled by keeping the cage area clean and decluttered.

At Sanibird, we know what people and their pet birds need. This helps us to bring you comprehensive set of solutions. Fall in love with your Sanibird litter that neutralizes all liquids and smells, with its high absorption and odour control power.

Not just that, we deeply care about the well being and happiness of your bird. Our Sanibird litter is made from natural minerals that help to remove moisture from the bird cages and minimize the risk of Coccidiosis.

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