Your cat litter: the best way to keep bad odours at bay in the summer

22 juli 2024
A kitten yawns in the sun

Summer is all about the sun and hot weather. Rising temperatures can mean more get-togethers on the patio, refreshing dips in the pool or, simply, a breath of fresh air. While indoors, you can’t forget to open the windows as the sun goes down or turn on the air conditioning for a good part of the day. Yet beyond optimising your space and resources to beat the heat, a less pleasant issue returns like clockwork around this time of year: bad odours.

Both cat urine and faeces have a very unpleasant and pungent smell. To prevent these from getting worse with the heat, we at Sanicat recommend that you pick up your cat’s waste once or twice a day. Thanks to our Clumping litter, this is much easier. The minerals stick together when they get wet, forming solid clusters that trap and absorb liquids, ultimately removing the source of the bad odour quickly and easily.

But that’s not all. Cat litter has many other uses for eliminating unpleasant odours that you probably didn’t know about. In fact, beyond well-known home remedies like using citrus peels, vinegar, or newspapers, cat litter is also an effective solution to eliminate those nasty rubbish smells in the summer. 

At Sanicat, we recommend covering the bottom of your rubbish bin with a 2-3cm layer of cat litter. This will absorb the unpleasant smells and liquid that organic waste sometimes gives off. Ideally, use one of our mineral cat litters, preferably an Absorbent one. You can use the scented or fragrance-free version, it’s up to you. 

Our Classic range of sepiolite-based litters are very absorbent and you can choose between fragrance-free or scented with lavender or Marseille soap. They feature our Oxygen Odour Control technology using the natural power of oxygenation to neutralise and break down bad odours, with a long-lasting absorption capacity. 

Another interesting option is attapulgite, which we use to make our 7 Days Freshness litter. It’s got long-lasting odour control (7 days) and, as well as its aloe vera scent, it adds a decorative touch to any room with its pink colour.

In addition to all of this, cat litter has other interesting benefits that will make your day-to-day life easier:

  1. Air out the fridge: Just like the bad smells from the rubbish bin, cat litter can also combat the odours inside your fridge. Simply put a cup of cat litter inside and those pungent odours will be a thing of the past.
  2. Reduce humidity: Thanks to its absorbent powers, cat litter can also eliminate humidity. To do this, we recommend you put some in a small bag inside the cupboard.
  3. Say goodbye to oil stains: If you spill some oil, sprinkle some cat litter over the stain. Leave it for a few hours so that it can work its magic, and then brush it off the next day.

Although few people use cat litter for anything other than their litter box, it has other excellent qualities.  Now that you have lots of new ideas for using it, take advantage of them!