Sanicat helps you get better at recycling

22 juli 2024

Sanicat helps you get better at recycling: the four recycling symbols found on our packaging.

At Sanicat, we’re committed to caring for our planet. And therefore, we say NO to plastic. We invest in new products which are certified as sustainable and made solely from paper and cardboard.

We know that you also care about the world we live in and share with our pets.

However, we’re aware that it’s not always easy to keep up with all of the recommendations on how to recycle properly. That's why Sanicat wants to help you understand the symbols on our packaging in order to make recycling a lot easier.

  • FSC certification: This is a certification that you’ll find on the paper and cardboard packaging of Sanicat's latest products. The FSC-certified stamp indicates that the paper and cardboard used for packaging come from wood that has been harvested in sustainably managed forests.

Source:  FSC


  • Green dot: This symbol indicates that the product complies with the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. In other words, we take responsibility at Sanicat for the recycling of our packaging by making an economic contribution to a waste management system.



  • The original recycling symbol or Möbius strip: Did you know that American Gary Anderson created this symbol in 1970 for a contest sponsored by the Container Corporation of America? Since then, the icon has become an international symbol which tells the consumer that the packaging and materials used to make a product are recyclable. Occasionally, the strip appears with a percentage symbol inside (%) which indicates the amount of recyclable material used to make the product.



  • Universal recycling point symbol: The colour of this symbol varies depending on the container in which the packaging or product is to be deposited, so that it is recycled correctly. In Spain, there are up to six different colours: blue for paper and cardboard, yellow for plastics and cans, green for glass, orange for organic materials, red for hazardous waste, and grey for everything else. In the case of Sanicat’s products and packaging, bentonite litter, for example, should be placed in a closed bag in the grey container whilst the paper packaging should go into the blue recycling container.



  • It’s possible that you are not familiar with the Triman symbol, as it’s only found in France. In compliance with the country's recycling regulations, it’s mandatory to include the symbol on all packaging to inform the consumer that any product and its packaging must be deposited in the appropriate container at the end of the product’s shelf life in order to be recycled.



If you live in Spain and have any questions, you can consult the ecoembes virtual assistant to see exactly where to deposit a product after you’re done using it.

Recycle properly! Together we can help keep the world cleaner for present and future generations and, of course, our pets.