Five ways to create the perfect home for your cat

10 juni 2024
Cat at home


  • In order to create the perfect home for your cat, you may need to compromise on a few things to make it a more functional place.
  • Simple solutions, like creating a vertical space using shelves or a lookout spot near a window, can make your home more cat-friendly.
  • Using high quality cat litter prevents bad odours and dust and keeps the home clean for longer.

Cats are very territorial and their happiness and comfort are greatly dependent on the space we provide for them. Creating a cat-friendly home often involves finding a compromise to make the space well suited for both you and your cat, but there are many ways to make your home more functional without spending a lot of money. Sanicat, experts in cat litter, shares five design solutions to provide your pet with a space that meets their needs – while also creating a beautiful home for yourself.

  1. Discover litter box furniture

Litter boxes are absolutely necessary for your cat, and their placement is key. It must be placed in a discreet location, away from food and water and from the busiest areas. Ideally, this would be the bathroom or a well-ventilated space, like a terrace, but if you don’t want it to be visible, litter box furniture offers limitless possibilities. A piece that combines with your decor will not only be the perfect option in terms of style but will also allow for the litter box to be hidden from view. 

Similarly, the cat litter you choose can be adapted to your home. All Sanicat cat litters control odours effectively, in addition to not producing dust, preventing allergies in the most sensitive cats. This means that your home stays spotless for longer. However, it’s important to take into account your feline friend’s preference. Their taste and yours together will determine the perfect cat litter for your home. Clumping litter, which forms clumps when in contact with urine, can be removed easily and is recommended if you want to keep the litter tray clean and free of bad odours.

  1. Expand their world with a vertical space

Cats love climbing. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do when creating the ideal home for your cat is to make sure they have a vertical space that allows them to jump and control “their territory” from up high. 

There are many attractive ways to create a space like that. For example, a well designed system of shelves can allow your feline friend to reach a safe height that lets them relax comfortably, away from the activity below. And all this without sacrificing style, as there are options with minimalist lines to give our shelves this dual purpose.

  1. Different scratching posts

Cats need to scratch to keep their nails filed and to mark their territory. If you don’t find ways for them to do that, your cat will scratch your furniture instead. Scratching posts are perfect for cats to file their nails vertically. Nevertheless, the ideal would be to offer them various options to let them do it in different positions, because that will also help them stretch their muscles. Placing scratching posts in key points around the house allows the cat to mark them as their property.

  1. A room with a view

Why cats love looking out the window is a question all cat owners ask themselves. Cats are constantly evaluating their surroundings, and looking out the window lets them see a lot of different stimuli that stir their curiosity. In order to satisfy that curiosity, it’s very easy to create a lookout point for your pet. You can use a nearby table or adequately placed shelving. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the presence of other cats in the neighbourhood can also make them uneasy.

  1. Cat-friendly plants

Although we are often not aware of it, plants can be toxic to our pets when ingested. In fact, houseplants account for just over 5% of all pet poisonings. For dogs, it’s easy to put the plants at a height they can’t reach. When it comes to cats, however, things are not that simple.

Plants such as daffodils, hydrangeas, azaleas, or lilies can be very toxic to them. Still, there are plenty of equally beautiful alternatives that aren’t dangerous for your kitty and which can make your home much more welcoming.

About Sanicat

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