All about autumn: can your kitty eat pumpkin too?

24 juli 2024

With autumn upon us, it’s time to look forward to some hearty meals shared with family and friends. The change of season promises hearty stews, warming soup, and of course, a festive pumpkin pie! While your feline family member can’t share the full array of your autumn appetite, you can certainly feed them the Halloween seasonal staple. That’s right—cats can eat pumpkins too!

In fact, this spooky snack offers a range of health benefits for our furry friends. Pumpkin is a great fibre source that does wonders for intestinal function. What’s more, just as we eat root veggies through the colder months, Vitamins A and C found in pumpkins have immune-boosting properties for your kitty, too. So, if your cat seems to enjoy it, go ahead and incorporate a bit of pumpkin into their diet this autumn!


The safest way for your cat to snack on pumpkin


We should always be mindful about what our pets are eating. Pumpkin is indeed a kitty-friendly food source, but only in certain forms. You shouldn’t feed your feline raw pumpkin, pulp, stems or skin, but instead give them pumpkin from a can. Just make sure that the contents are free of any spices or flavourings that could potentially be toxic to cats. 

When getting festive with some pumpkin carving, you can also save the seeds for your kitty. You'll need to clean and roast them for around an hour before consumption, and grind them up small so that your cat is able to swallow them easily. Then, sprinkle your seed powder over your cat’s food for some added vitamins, flavour and festivity!


Purr-fect pumpkin treat ideas for your kitty


On those colder days meant for cooking up a storm, why not use some leftover pumpkin to make your cat a special seasonal nibble? 

One quick way to throw together an autumnal treat is combining some pumpkin with your kitty’s favorite canned fish. A festive twist on a cat culinary classic!

Sitting round the table for a Sunday roast? Invite your feline friend along with these homemade pumpkin and turkey treats. Healthy and hearty, they’re sure to make your kitty want to curl up in your lap after dinner has been served.

We love to find ways to celebrate the season with our purring pals, and adding pumpkin to their bowls is a great way to do it. Just remember to use a safe food source, and check with your veterinarian before making changes to your cat's diet. Let the feline festivities begin!