Recycled cat toy tricks for a planet-friendly playtime!

13 juin 2024

Doing our part for the environment is important – and caring for our pets is no exception! Here at Sanicat we are serious about sustainability, and our Plant Based litters are 100% organic, biodegradable, and recycled. In that spirit, our Sanicat Recycling Week promotes habits that’ll make life with your cat as eco-friendly as can be!

It’s not only the litter box that’s cleaner when it’s greener. You can get creative to make playing with your cat more sustainable too, giving ordinary household materials a second life by turning them into toys.

To get the ball rolling (and your cat chasing after it!), we’ve put together a quick list of cute recycled toy ideas that you can make in minutes. 

Plastic and packaging → homemade mouse toys!

Grab an old sock and fill it up with any soft plastic packaging, protective foam, or bubble wrap you can find in the house. Use an elastic band to wrap round the end, separating the plastic filled body from the end of the sock to form a mouse tail. You could even draw on eyes, a nose and some whiskers before handing it over to your kitty for some hunting-style play!

Cardboard → planet-proof playpen!

We all know our feline friends love to curl up in tiny spaces. Use some old cardboard boxes and tubes to make your pet a little world to explore, cutting windows and doors in and sticking them together. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even secure one above another heavy-bottomed box to give your cat a multi-story play paradise!

Old rags and string → tasty treat bundle!

Cut down an old tea towel or rag into a sizable square, then fill a small central area with your pet’s favourite treat. Pull the edges together so it covers the treats, twist it round so the goods are sealed, then tie an elastic band just above the treat pouch to hold it all together. Now, put your pet’s paws to good use in some food-focused playtime!

These simple recycled toys are great ways to make cat care a little more eco-friendly, while encouraging varied play sessions to keep your furry friend healthy, relaxed, and sociable. We can all make small adjustments to keep our homes green and our planet purrfect!