The right music to awaken your cat’s natural instincts

22 juillet 2024

Music is a therapeutic tool for humans and cats alike. A cat’s hunting instinct enhances their sense of hearing and allows them to capture a wide range of sounds from a distance. That said, they don’t share our musical taste. Instead, they prefer soft melodies that imitate the sounds they make themselves.

In 2015, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Maryland in the United States carried out a study to discover which sounds awaken cats’ natural instincts and trigger an emotional response, leaving them feeling calm and affectionate. As a result of the study, the research team composed a series of melodies for cats that played in the same frequency range as the sounds that they themselves make, such as purring, meowing and suckling sounds from nursing. Then, the researchers played these melodies and two pieces of classical music for the cats. Although the cats didn’t show any reaction to the classical music, they would approach the speakers and rub themselves against them when they heard the music that was composed specifically for them.

This showed that, due to their highly developed sense of hearing, cats prefer music with a calm and constant beat over melodies that have high-pitched and startling sounds. What’s more, the study revealed that this cat music not only develops their sense of hearing, but that it also helps them to relax when they are anxious, stressed or nervous.  It also helps them to feel calmer when they’re home alone, when they can’t sleep, and when they’re sick. Lastly, cat music can help them better adapt to changes in their routine, like moving house or when a new pet comes into the home.

You can find music for cats on major streaming platforms like Spotify or Amazon Music. All you need to do is search ‘music for cats’, which is the name of the playlist that the researchers created. These melodies have been specifically designed for our feline friends and will help them to feel more calm and relaxed in stressful situations, while contributing to a happier environment at home.