Cats and holidays: What to do with our furry companions when we go on a trip

22 juillet 2024
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  • There are several options for looking after our cats when we are away, however the best choice for each pet depends on their personality
  • Cats are easily affected by changes; hence, it is advisable to leave them at home with someone who can visit them on a regular basis
  • If the cat is more sociable and adventurous, a cat hotel or taking them on trip with us can be an option, always considering a series of aspects


August 20, 2021.- With summer holidays around the corner, our plans to travel are approaching. This year, although we are still quite limited travel-wise, most of us are eager to go to other places, whether it be the countryside or the beach. However, for those of us who have pets, especially cats, in addition to organising all the preparations for our trip, we must also arrange everything for them to be cared for when we are away.

There are several options for looking after our cats when on a trip. However, our final decision must consider different aspects, such as the time we are going to be away, the personality of our cat, or the budget we have. Sanicat, the expert brand in cat litter, is offering cat owners a series of basic tips so they can take their trip with peace of mind and ensure their furry companion is well cared for. 

Home, the safest option for our cat

Cats can be susceptible to change, so taking them to an unfamiliar place can often make them anxious. Given that cats are territorial animals, they feel safest in their home. "Changing their 'territory', as well as moving them around, will most likely stress them and, logically, they cannot understand why they are being moved away from the place where they feel safe," adds Ignacio Duch, R&D Manager at Sanicat. If the most important thing for a dog is to stay close to his human companion wherever he goes, cats need to be in their environment to remain calm and feel comfortable.

Consequently, the safest option for our cats when we go on holiday is for them to stay at home. In this case, the ideal scenario would be finding a person that can visit them regularly, to check and clean their litter tray, ensure they have water and food, play a little with them or simply keep them company, as long our furry companions want to, given that there are some cats that are very skittish in the absence of their owner. Likewise, it is important to explain to the person who is going to take care of our cat how they usually behave and the places where they hide, as well as giving them details of our cat’s health insurance and vet contact number. On that note, it is important to be available by phone in case any issues or last-minute questions arise.

If you do not have anyone that can take care of your cat, there is always the option of hiring a specialised cat sitter. Try looking for references for one in your town or neighbourhood. They are usually animal lovers who will look after your cat lovingly and with great care.

For longer absences, there are other options, such as taking your cat to a friend's or relative's house. In this case, the cat will need some time to adapt and to feel at ease. However, with a few simple guidelines this can be achieved.

Are cat hotels and boarding catteries a viable option? 

"Cats, in general, are quite susceptible to changes, but there are some exceptions. There are also felines that are very extroverted, sociable and adapt easily to any environment," Ignacio explains. If your cat meets these features, taking them to a cat hotel or boarding catteries can have many advantages. Not only will they have constant attention, but they will enjoy new environments and keep themselves entertained. 

Nowadays, there are many facilities that offer a variety of services and different amenities. The best way to move forward is to carefully read and check what each facility offers, to guarantee that they can meet your cat’s needs. Regardless of each cat’s needs, it is important that either the hotel or boarding catteries offer permanent attention, good food, play sessions and, in short, look after their welfare in your absence. To do this, do not hesitate to consult your trusted veterinarian, they will surely be able to recommend the best place!

Taking our cat with us on vacation

When it comes to longer holiday periods, bringing our cat along with us is also a good option. Traveling with our pet seems idyllic, since it allows us to combine the pleasure of traveling with the pleasure of sharing a nice moment with our furry friend. However, we must take into consideration several factors: the place where we are going and whether the cat will accept it. "Again, it is important to consider whether the cat's personality is akin to this type of adventure. Additionally, if our pet is used to travelling, it will be much easier," says Ignacio.

Just like with us, before leaving home, we must prepare what is necessary for the cat. On the one hand, the luggage (carrier, food, water, litter tray, bed, toys, etc.), and, on the other hand, we must prepare the cat for the trip. Visiting the vet before embarking on the new adventure, to make sure that our cat’s health is okay and microchipping them (if you have not already done so), is advisable. We can also ask our vet for techniques or tricks to help keep our cat calm and happy during the trip.

Whichever option you choose this summer, the most important thing is to ensure welfare and safety of your furred companion. This way, you will be able to take your trip with the peace of mind of knowing that your cat is doing fine and, in case he stays at home, waiting for you to come back.

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