Sanicat Multipet are extra absorbent plant-based litters made from 100% biodegradable and recyclable raw materials. A perfect natural litter choice for your cat, small mammal and bird.

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The joy of having a pet comes with the responsibility of keeping everyone comfortable and annoyances from time to time, such as unpleasant odours coming from their litter box. Every pet, and every pet owner, has a preference for the type of litter used in the litter box. And, when it comes to freshness, hygiene and cleanliness, our furry friends often set as high standards as we do.

Our commitment to sustainability is as serious as our commitment to happy paws and happy owners. Our pet care litter products allow you to make a choice that is not just right for your cats but also small mammals and birds. At Sanicat, we strive to give you peace of mind in knowing that your pet has a clean, hygienic space that keeps the environment in mind.

Fall in love with our multipet litter made for pets in different shapes, sizes, fur or feathers. Our Plant based multipet litter is made from 100% recycled raw materials that naturally absorb all liquids and smells, helping you to keep your pet’s tray or cage clean and fresh. Available in Recycled Cellulose and Recycled Wood varieties, our litter is 100% compostable. Soft enough to suit all paws and lightweight for easy transportation, usage and storage. This range is perfect for your feline friend, or other small mammals, and is a great choice for owners who would like to make a positive contribution to the environment by repurposing plant-based materials. Our Multipet range does not compromise on hygiene or safety.

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