Three cat toys you can make at home

14 april 2020

Let’s look at the bright side. During quarantine, your feline friend is sure to be happy having you at home more. And that’s not all. Spending more time with your pet can help you handle these days better while taking care of your mental health. In fact, studies show that the time you spend with your cat, playing with them, petting them, or simply being by their side increases serotonin levels (the hormone responsible for feeling good) and lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

As a bonus, to add some entertaining variety to your time at home, you can make toys for your cat and play with them. Here are some easy-to-do ideas for cat toys that you can make using scissors and those empty toilet paper rolls that you have around the house.

Cardboard rings: As simple as they sound. Use scissors to cut finger-width rings from the cardboard tube and put them around the house. Your cat will love throwing them, playing with them and carrying them all around

Cardboard ball: Cut out a few rings and put them together in the shape of a ball. You can even put a piece of a food your cat likes inside, but make sure it’s dry so that it makes noise when it rolls and stimulates their sense of hearing and smell. Your cat will have fun rolling the ball around and trying to get the food inside. And you’ll also have a good time watching them.

Burrito surprise: This is an alternative to the cardboard ball. Flatten the ends of a cardboard tube so that they’re closed but not impossible to open. If you’re feeling more creative, you can paint the tube with different colours or fold the corners more artistically so that it looks nicer. Remember to put something delicious inside to stimulate your cat’s appetite.

During these difficult times, having the company and love of our pets is more important than ever, especially for older people and those who live alone. Remember, you can’t catch the virus from your pet, and they can be your best friend during this time. Take care of them, and let them take care of you. #HomeWithPets

Have a look at these pictures to see what the toys look like.