Make your home a cat-friendly one

25 juli 2024

Cats are instinctively territorial creatures and their environment can significantly affect their happiness. They love to be near you, but they also love to have spaces to hide and feel safe. They may behave in certain ways to get your attention or mark their territory, or because one of their needs isn’t being met. 

To respect their natural instincts, it’s important to stimulate their senses and consider their daily habits. From dining to answering nature’s call, we’ve put together a few tips to make your house a safe and comfortable space for your furry friend. 

Let them hide in plain sight. Cats love to hide away and have a few moments alone, but sometimes they want to feel safe while being part of the action. Create a space where they can disappear in plain sight with cave beds or cocoons. 

Make meal time a pleasant experience. Try to feed your cat in a quiet area and at the same time – they thrive off consistency. Use low-sided dishes to protect their sensitive whiskers. 

Give them room to jump. Cats love to survey their world from above. Providing them vertical spaces – cat shelves, climbing trees, etc. – encourages exercise and gives them a private open space. They also love perches near windows to enjoy the view. 

Stimulate their senses. Cats are playful at heart; use this to your benefit. Give them treats in puzzle feeders, put natural feathers in boxes or tunnels, grow indoor plants they can chew on (catnip or cat grass) or use scratching posts. If your furry friend is scratching your furniture, they are marking their territory. Move their post to where they are scratching naturally. 

Respect nature’s call. If you live in a home with multiple cats, be sure to have multiple litter boxes. Your cat’s territorial nature includes their toilet. Our Classic litter range is highly absorbent and doesn’t require daily clean-up, allowing you to have more boxes without the hassle.

Most importantly, cats just want your love and attention. Our litter ranges make it easy to protect their paws and natural instincts, but the rest is up to you.