Encouraging you to recycle with Sanicat

21 juni 2024

Every year, the Earth yields billions of tons of natural resources, which will run out at the not-too-distant future. That’s why we must re-think what we throw away and why. According to the British organization Verisk Maplecroft, more than 2.1 billion tons of waste are produced each year, which could fill more than 800,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. And only 16% of this waste is recycled.

Considering these worrying figures -and that the level of waste we produce globally has accelerated over the last decade-, recycling is essential now more than ever to reduce emissions, avoid spills and discharges in rivers and seas and to, overall, take care of our planet. It is a key part of the circular economy, helping protect our natural resources. What's more, according to the United Nations, recycling saves resources substantially: for every ton of paper recycled, 17 trees and 50 % of water can be saved. Additionally, according to a study conducted by the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), half of the surveyed adults in the UK (50%) own a pet, with a staggering 10.9 million people owning a cat. This also means that waste-management regarding pets is more important than ever.

At Sanicat, we know that you also care about the world we live in and share with our pets, so we’re committed to caring for our planet. Nature and cats are the reason we exist, and we want to care for both in the best, most responsible way. We understand and recognize the importance of sharing our space with our cats, as well as with the whole planet. This is why we are consciously trying to improve day by day to help preserve the environment. Since 2019 we say no to plastic and have been investing in new products which are certified as sustainable and made solely from paper and cardboard.

In fact, at Sanicat we’ve made a zero-plastic pledge and our new range of products is produced with FSC certified packages, a certification that you’ll find on the paper and cardboard packaging of Sanicat's latest products. The FSC-certified stamp indicates that the paper and cardboard used for packaging comes from wood that has been harvested in sustainably managed forests. In addition, the paint we use in this new range is also biodegradable. That means the packaging of the new range is also 100% recyclable and sourced through responsible and sustainable practices that protect our forests and environment.

Apart from the FSC-certified, another symbol you can find on our products is the original recycling sign or Möbius strip, which has become an international symbol to inform consumers that the packaging and materials used to make a product are recyclable. This symbol represents waste recycling using a strip which is divided into three parts which end in an arrow and represent each of the three R's: recycle -enable another cycle of life for packages and products-, reduce -actions to reduce the production of objects that could become waste- and reuse -actions that give a product a second life with the same or a different use. To recycle correctly, we recommend you to follow the local recycling regulations in force in the United Kingdom.

In addition, we are proud of our Plant Based products, which use waste from the construction, packaging, and agricultural industries- such as wood, cellulose or corn-cob-, and repurpose it into cat litter that doesn’t compromise on performance or safety. Sanicat Plant Based litters are extra absorbent and ultimately care for the planet and are soft for paws.

Thanks to our expertise of more than 60 years and our firm commitment with the planet, today our work is actively contributing to caring for our environment. But we do so not as a matter of complying with regulation, but as a matter of principle.

The possibilities of recycling are many and necessary for the environment. That’s why at Sanicat we also encourage you to recycle properly! Together we can help keep the world cleaner for present and future generations and, of course, for our pets.