Sanidog Fresh Flowers Floor Cleaner

Clean, bacteria free and hypoallergenic floor.

Deep cleans, neutralises unwanted odours and eliminates bacteria from all types of floors.

Sanidog Fresh Flowers Floor Cleaner contains molecules that capture the specific particles generating unwanted odours. It is also very effective at controlling “dog smells”. 

Thanks to its hypoallergenic formula and neutral pH, it is particularly suitable for homes in which a family member has allergies. 

A quick-drying and non-foam-generating floor cleaner. Its scent of fresh-cut flowers keeps your home smelling good much longer.

Instructions: Dilute a capful of Floor Cleaner in half a bucket of warm water (about 5 litres). Use a cloth, mop or brush to clean the floor and let dry.

Suitable for all types of floors.

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