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Famous Cats

People like cats—a lot. If you don’t believe it, all you have to do is type the word “cat” into a search engine to discover the vast number of photos and videos of these domesticated felines, who have conquered every corner of the web. YouTube and Instagram are a cat lover’s paradise.

The most-viewed videos are those that compile several entertaining moments; for example, “The best cat Vines of 2015” includes everything from endless fights with cardboard boxes to the hilarity of bath time, and has 48 million views. But there are a few cats in particular who have become the true kings of the internet. 

When it comes to cats with online fame, you can’t forgetGrumpy Cat. This female feline, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, has a syndrome similar to dwarfism that gives her a permanently angry facial expression (hence the nickname). After her 2012 debut on YouTube, Grumpy Cat’s popularity quickly mushroomed, leading her to appear on several TV programs, make the cover of New York Magazine, grace the pages of Time Magazine and become the first cat to sign an advertising contract.

Fatso was a rescue cat whose owner, Charlie Schmidt, decided to film him playing the piano while dressed in a blue t-shirt in 1984. The rest is history. The original video, “Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat,” has more than 49 million views and counting. Another cat that was already famous by the start of this decade is Nyan Cat, the GIF of a cat with a Pop-Tartfor a body, who flies and leaves a rainbow trail while a melody typical of Japanese video games plays in the background.  The mesmerising video has a whopping 153 million views.

On Instagram, two cats take the cake when it comes to followers and fame. The first is SnoopyBabe, a Chinese cat with a round face and enormous eyes. His physical attributes have earned him the title of “the world’s cutest cat” and an entourage of more than 355,000 followers. The second, Venus, was born with everything she needed to become a star: two different colours on each side of her face. One half is black with a green eye, and the other is brownish-orange with a blue eye. This unusual appearance has garnered her nearly 1.5 million followers.

With such an abundance of furry fame, can you pick your favourite feline?