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Cats and dogs: tips to help them get along

The classic conflict between cats and dogs is legendary. Constant fighting between our favourite pets might be due to their unique ways of communicating and exhibiting their territory, the age difference between them, or just pure jealousy. Today we’ll give you three tips so that your cats and dogs can live together in a peaceful and harmonious home.

Get them acquainted

It’s vital for these animals to get acquainted with each other in a safe and stress-free environment. Take your dog out for a walk just before their first interactions with your cat, so that they’re tired out and not bursting with energy. And when both animals are in the same space, keep your dog on a leash. Let your pets sniff each other—and if they stay calm, reward them with their favourite treats or by petting them. Repeat this process over the first few weeks, gradually increasing the time they spend together and never letting them go unsupervised, until you’re absolutely sure they aren’t exhibiting any signs of aggression.

Give them some space

It’s important that your dog and cat have their own personal spaces with individual food and water bowls. If possible, they should be in separate areas so they don’t bother each other while they’re eating. It’s also important to keep your cat’s litter box in a space where they feel safe, without the threat of a dog’s presence.

Beware of jealousy

Make sure to reward each of your pets by spending plenty of time with them, so that they don’t feel like the other is stealing all of your attention. Spend time every day playing with both of them, and remember that you have to give them the same privileges. For instance, if your cat is used to getting up on the sofa, then you have to let your dog do the same.

Generally speaking, by giving them time to get to know each other and following these basic rules, you can help your pets get used to one another and coexist in harmony. Give them affection when they ask for it, and pay attention to their needs and behaviour to make sure that no aggressive situation goes unnoticed. Chances are, you’ll soon have a big, happy (furry) family!