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British Shorthair, the serene


Some cat lovers call them “anti-stress” cats because of their extraordinarily quiet and also friendly personality. They always seek company, without being disturbing at all. They are very British in their sense of manners: they are ideal pets for urban flats and for people who live alone or for the elderly; and are also perfectly suitable for large families with children.

Their patience helps them tolerate children’s toys and rarely will you hear them hiss or threaten to scratch you. If you overwhelm them, they will simply retreat to an isolated and quiet spot. 


The British Shorthair is one of the most popular short-haired cat breeds with an unmistakable personality. One of their coats’ most highly regarded colours is chocolate brown, although bluish and smokey gray are more commonly found. Many people are fascinated by how expressive their faces are: they have a large and round-shaped head with very smooth facial features that rather resemble those of humans. They also have round eyes that are always very open and expressive – as if they were a typical cat from a storybook illustration or a real-life version of ‘Puss in Boots’. You probably wouldn’t even be surprised if they started talking, especially due to their ability to empathise and affectionately communicate with their owners. 

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