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Bengal cat, the wild


Bengal cats are a hybrid between domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat.

Although Bengal cats are friendly, they do have particular traits and characteristics we should be aware of before deciding to choose one as a pet.

Bengal cats are very active, so you need to make sure they get a lot of exercise and stimulation. Otherwise, they can become easily bored and destructive, especially in confined spaces or inside the house itself (opening cupboards and drawers, climbing furniture, breaking objects, etc.).

Ideally they should live in a spacious home where it’s also safe to go outdoors as they please. They like to climb up to considerably high spots and it’s best to give them strong scratching posts given their powerful musculature. They’re also excellent swimmers, so having access to water is a plus.

Like with all cats, it is very important that they go through an appropriate socialization stage as kittens, exposing them to all kinds of situations, such as visitors, children, dogs, noise and travel.


Bengal cats are easily identifiable. Their size is slightly larger than a common domestic cat and their most distinctive physical feature is their spotted, leopard-like coat, which can appear in different colors, ranging from red to grey. The tip of the tail, the abdomen and the paw pads are always black.

In short, Bengals are an excellent combination, as they tend to be affectionate toward their owners yet also have a “wild” side that makes them very interesting. 

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