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Why you should adopt a cat in 2019

Adopting a cat from a local shelter or animal protection society may seem like an altruistic act—and it certainly is. However, it also comes with extraordinary emotional benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities and rewards involved, and why it should be your New Year’s resolution to adopt a kitten in 2019.

Before starting the adoption process, you need to evaluate all the responsibilities that bringing a cat into your home will entail. Make sure you have the time and resources to meet their needs, and to give them all the love and attention they deserve. Bear in mind that you’ll have to take the time to train them and familiarise yourself with their feeding, sleeping and hygiene habits, even if this means making some changes to your own lifestyle. If you haven’t owned a pet before and aren’t used to the responsibilities of caring for one, it might be a good idea to foster a cat. This will give you an idea of what it’s really like to live with a feline friend, before you make your final decision.

The hardest part of the adoption process is making the decision itself. Once you’ve chosen to share your home and adopt a kitten, the only remaining obstacle is to decide who’s going to become your new companion. The people who look after animals before adoption always try to make sure each pet’s needs are compatible with their new owner’s lifestyle. In addition, many potential owners carefully study the animals’ records before making their final decision at the shelter. However, the truth is that all this detailed planning usually doesn’t mean much; it’s the kittens who end up choosing. With their loving looks and big gentle eyes, they find their way to their future owner and instantly capture their heart. Once in their new home, the kittens are the ones who become responsible for ‘taking care’ of their new family, and providing them with the kind of love and affection that only these cuddly animals know how to offer their humans.

If you’re thinking of welcoming a new cat into your home, we encourage you to visit your nearest shelter or animal protection society and discover what you can do for those creatures with nowhere to go. Once one of them comes home with you, you’ll be surprised by how much they improve your quality of life—and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the decision sooner. In 2019, make it your New Year’s resolution to adopt a kitten!