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The craziest, most curious stories about your favourite pet

Cats are known for their crazy antics and their ability to surprise us and make us laugh. Many of them give us stories to tell that make us love them—if it’s even possible—a little bit more. In this post we present the three funniest and cutest cat stories we could find to liven up your day.

Colonel Meow, a tale of adoption

With a face only a mother could love, this cat was known by many as the grumpiest cat in the world. Until 2014, when he unfortunately passed away, this grouch held the record for being the cat with the longest fur in history. He had his own Facebook and Instagram accounts, which catapulted him to stardom on the Internet and made his owners particularly proud. Meow was adopted at a shelter for Himalayan-Persian cats in Seattle, USA, demonstrating that it’s not only purebred cats that win prizes; it’s also important to care for and give a home to those little kittens that can’t boast the same lineage. Colonel Meow knew exactly how to win over humans’ affection—even without having the friendliest facial expression.

Source: http://www.cutestpaw.com

Zarathustra, the arty cat

Zarathustra was adopted by the Russian artist Svetlana Petrova after her mother died, who up until that point had cared for this arty kitty. Thanks to Zarathustra, Svetlana found a new way to stay strong by extending her artistic expression—and that of her furry roommate—to new horizons.  His comical and unique poses make this chubby cat the ideal candidate to star in some of the best-known works of art in history, giving them a new twist which feline fans around the world have fallen in love with. A sweet story of how, when it comes to humans and our feline friends, we’re stronger together.

Source: https://fatcatart.com

Shironeko and his Zen teachings

Shironeko—meaning “white cat” in Japanese—lives a life that’s as simple as his name. This happy little kitten is always so content and satisfied with everything that’s going on around him that his owner can put him in hilarious poses. He then uploads the photos and videos to his YouTube channel to share the teachings of this furry Zen master with anyone searching for a life of serenity.  This cat can happily spend his day relaxing with his eyes closed and a perennial smile on his face. Maybe some Zen master decided to reincarnate themselves in this pretty feline?  It’s a mystery. But what we do know is that we can learn a lot from the peaceful pussycat.

Source: https://kagonekoshiro.com/

Cat owners know that these curious creatures will never stop surprising us. We hope that these three cat stories have been some inspiration to you, or at the very least they’ve brightened up your day.

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