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The best destinations for travelling with your cat

There are many people who prefer to travel with their cats to enjoy their well-deserved holidays. Our feline friends don’t like being left alone at home while their owners are on holiday, and their owners don’t like worrying about the welfare of their pets while they’re away. So, it’s best to pack for every family member, leaving no one behind. Do you want to go on holiday with your cat? Take a look at some of the best destinations.

The best destinations for travelling with your cat in Europe

If you want to leave the UK with your pet, keep in mind that to travel to any country in the European Union, you will need have your pet’s up-to-date vaccination card, as well as their EU pet passport, previously issued by your veterinarian. Your pet must also be vaccinated for rabies and have a microchip at the time of the trip.

Travelling with pets is very common in Europe, so it’s a perfect destination for travelling with your cat! In countries like France, Germany and Italy, half of holiday rentals allow pets. And if that were not enough, in some European destinations, like Budapest, you can even find cat cafés where you and your pet can make new friends.

Going on holiday with your cat outside of Europe

If you want to travel with your cat to a non-European country, it is important to know you will have to show a valid veterinary passport or recent veterinary health certificate, according to the requirements of the country in question. We recommend enquiring at the country’s embassy or consulate. Outside of Europe, the country with the highest percentage of pet-friendly accommodations is Canada, followed by the United States, Russia and Morocco.

Finally, remember you should always provide your pet with a safe environment where they will not get lost or in any kind of trouble. And make sure to have some patience; cats don’t love change and they may be a little confused on the trip. And as for everything else, you just have to pack one extra bag. Remember to bring toys, food and your cat’s favourite treats; they want to enjoy their well-deserved holiday too.

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