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The 8 most common breeds

Time and genetic selection have given rise to a broad variety of cat breeds. The International Feline Federation (FIFe) recognises 40 official breeds, although there are many other varieties from crosses or mutations.

Cat lovers know that whilst there are no two identical kittens, we do find some breeds that share certain personality traits.

Here we will present the eight most common breeds. And if you want more information and detailed knowledge about their characteristics, habits, peculiarities and some of the quirks that make them so special, you can visit the specific profile of each breed. 

  • Turkish Angora, the elegant.
  • Russian Blue, the hunk.
  • Norwegian Forest, the lynx.
  • British Shorthair, the serene.
  • European Shorthair, the SUV.
  • Maine Coon, the perfect.
  • Persian, the fluffy.
  • Siamese, the affectionate.

You can tell cat breeds apart by their hair type
Another common classification is based on the length of their coat.
Most are included in the short hair category: common European, Bengal, Burmilla, British, Burmese, Japanese Bobtail, Kurilian Bobtail, Cymric, Korat, Manx, Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Russian Blue, Sokoke and Somali.

And in the category of semi-long and long hair you will find varieties as showy and elegant as the American Curl, Burman (also called the “Sacred Cat of Burma”), Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Siberian, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van and Norwegian Forest.

An interesting note to end on: tailless cats. If you've ever seen one, then you’ve probably asked yourself: What kind of a pet owner would remove such a valuable asset from their cat? What you've seen was most likely a cat from the Manx breed.

They are native to the British Isle of Man and have no tail due to a mutation of the spine. Still, some pet owners prefer to justify their lack of tail with more mythical explanations, even putting the Manx cat onto Noah's Ark ☺


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