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Sphynx, the hairless


Sphynx cats are sweet, quiet and affectionate. They love physical contact and are very intelligent, calm and patient. Since they are also non aggressive, they perfectly adapt to a shared living space, whether with a family, other pets or children.

As they are quite active and playful, Sphynx cats really enjoy playing games that involve jumping and climbing, thus requiring considerable time and company from their owners.


The most distinctive feature of Sphynx or Canadian Hairless cats is that they appear to be hairless, however their skin is actually covered with a thin layer of short and very soft fur.

Despite the fragile appearance given by their lack of fur, Sphynx cats are strong and energetic. Their body is lean, muscular and medium-sized. They also have a thin and tapering tale, a wedge-shaped head, big lemon-shaped eyes and very large protruding ears.

Folds in the skin form in the nose, ears, shoulders and legs. To prevent irritation and fats from accumulating, they require bathing with a specific shampoo at least twice a month.


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