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A safe festive season for our feline friends

The excitement of the festive season is upon us and your cat may want to be a part of the celebrations. 

The holiday season usually means delicious smells, different sounds, and new lights or decorations that may spark curiosity in your feline friend. So as the gifts are wrapped and the lights are hung, make sure to follow our tips to keep your cat safe and comfortable throughout the celebratory season.

Gathering with family and friends is a wonderful tradition for this time of year, but your cat might not be so happy about it. The loud noises and flutter of people in the halls may not be as fun for your cat as it is for you. In order to avoid over-excitement or stress, mark off a safe space where your cat can hide—this may be their normal hiding spot, but make sure it’s available so they can seek solace. Keep in mind that although the fireworks to be set off at midnight of the new year are beautiful, they are loud and shocking for your furry friend. Their hiding space should be readily available, and you can also give them a snuggle, on their terms, to remind them they are safe. 

If your house is one that puts up a tree, try to put it in a room that can be closed off to your feline friend. If you are out of the house, your cat will see the tree as the perfect play toy. This is dangerous when there are fragile ornaments, lights and tinsel. Protect little paws from broken ornaments by hanging them out of paw’s reach. The string of lights is a shiny, magical string toy in the eyes of your cat, so be sure to hang them high and cover the extension cords. Real trees have pesticides and fertilizer to keep them as green and beautiful as they are, and the water in the base can be poisonous for your thirsty kitty—cover the water base with aluminum foil for extra protection.

Decking the halls with boughs of holly? Make sure it’s out of reach. Holly and mistletoe can be dangerous if they’re eaten, and nibbling on poinsettias and amaryllis may result in a trip to the vet. Placing plants on the ground is cause for mischief, and when your cat knocks it over, they may use it as a new litter box. It’s best to decorate in high places, or with artificial, non-toxic or silk flowers and plants. 

If you plan to leave your furry friends home while you travel to visit loved ones during the festive season, make sure they’re microchipped just in case they sneak out! We hope you have a wonderful holiday and that everything goes purrfectly.