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Reducing waste with Sanicat

Putting our best paw forward

At Sanicat, we’ve been making litter around the world that cares for cats, homes and the planet for over 60 years. We pride ourselves as the experts in cat litter and know that we have a perfect solution for you and your cat.

We understand that waste is a huge problem in the United States—in fact, the EPA says each American disposes of 4.9 pounds of garbage per day. So, in order to be part of the solution, Sanicat has made a pledge to reduce plastic and waste, and only produces SFI-certified, recyclable packaging.

And we don’t want to stop at packaging—we want to help your cat make a paw-sitive impact all around. It’s always best to follow local guidelines, but we’ve laid out a few general ways to be more litter conscious and recycle more effectively.


Keeping waste at bay

Your cat’s unique needs are at the forefront of Sanicat’s litter lines. The first step towards reducing waste is choosing the most efficient litter for your cat.

For example, our new line with Oxify™ technology uses Wyoming bentonite to create an unrivaled clumping power, meaning you don’t have to remove the whole tray every time. Just remove the clumps after use and replace the whole tray every 30 days.

In order to produce less waste in the first place, you can also switch to an eco-friendly litter box. Stainless steel and bamboo litter boxes are more expensive, but their durability makes them worth it in the long run.


Scoop and pitch

Cat liners are convenient for easy clean-up, but Sanicat’s clumping power makes liners unnecessary, cutting down on waste.

When it comes to waste disposal, while bentonite isn’t compostable (it has to go in the regular trash can), you can use biodegradable bags for both the waste and the used litter.

Finally, when it’s time to properly clean the litter box, wash and reuse the same scoop. Even better if it’s not plastic!


Sustainable household

Sanicat’s pledge to reduce waste is one way we show that we truly have nature at heart. Recycling, composting and using sustainable materials can help us reduce our environmental impact. Our wide range of litters ensures that you can find the right fit for your lifestyle and your cat’s preferences.

Join the Sanicat team in our pledge to reduce waste and check out our 100% SFI-certified packaging today.