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How to not stress your cat out this holiday season

Although the holiday season is commonly thought of as a time of joy, peace and harmony, it can also cause a great deal of stress. And for our cats, too.

Our routine changes during this time of year and even though we may not notice it, our cat can be affected by the holiday’s added stresses: the house is full of people, there’s a lot of excitement and commotion, and in the meantime, the Christmas lights don’t stop going on and off in rhythm to the non-stop holiday tunes. To handle the situation properly, we’re recommending a few tips to help your cat feel more relaxed during the holidays.

Give your cat a private space.

If you are going to have visitors over and your cat isn’t particularly fond of meeting new people, then give him or her a space to feel comfortable in and hide. Let your guests know so they don’t disturb your cat.

Be careful with children

If you are going to have children over and your cat is not used to them, then tell the children not to disturb or try to pet or play because, when cats gets scared, they may try to defend themselves and the child may end up getting hurt.

Use synthetic pheromones

You can find them as a spray or a diffuser which you can plug in. Start using them at least twice a week before the festivities begin and your cat will feel much more at ease.

Protect them from firecrackers

If they throw firecrackers in the area where you live, your cat may get scared; let your cat seek shelter in the place at home where they feel safest: a closet, a drawer… Close the door and switch the lights off. Try not to disturb your cat too much while the commotion goes on. And if you see that your cat has become very agitated, you should visit your vet who may prescribe a certain type of medication to help your cat feel better. 

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