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How superstitions surrounding black cats affects their adoption... especially around Halloween

Black cats have long been seen as the faithful companions of witches, from old folk tales to modern television. However, not everyone professes the same level of affection for the darker-haired felines, as holidays like Halloween and other superstitions push the idea that black cats bring bad luck. This makes people reject the idea of having them as pets and lowers their chances of adoption. But fear not, we are here to change that negative perception with six reasons why black cats deserve a place in your home as much as any other.

  1. Since Ancient Egypt, black cats have been seen as a good omen in cultures around the world. In Scotland, they were long believed to bring wealth and prosperity while the Japanese thought they brought good luck. This good reputation extended to the United Kingdom, where sailors welcomed black cats to help keep mice at bay. They also saw them as a sign that they would return safely to port. Perhaps black cats are bearers of good news after all.
  2. The stigma of having black fur doesn’t end with cats, as black dogs are also less likely to be adopted. Many people believe black is not an affectionate or loving colour, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Black coats are silky, shiny, and a pleasure to stroke, while making the blue, green or yellow eyes of the animals pop.
  3. Black cats usually spend the most time waiting to be adopted from the animal shelter, which means they have much more affection to give. And the longer they wait in the shelter, the greater the risk is that they will be put down. But you can help them find their new home!
  4. Halloween is the perfect time to adopt a black cat. It’s true that some shelters carry out more rigorous selection during this period. But it’s not uncommon to find Halloween campaigns set up specifically to promote the adoption of black cats. Take this opportunity to adopt your very own little black cat.
  5. Black cats have stronger immune systems. Researchers at the National Institute of Health in the United States discovered that the genetic mutations which produce the black pigment in felines’ coats – like in panthers – make them more resistant to diseases and certain insect bites. It never hurts to have a pet with super-strong health.
  6. The black coat also allows them to better camouflage themselves, and helps keep them out of danger from any would-be attacker. You won’t have to worry that your cat doesn’t come back until late. It will be safe!

Knowing all the above, you no longer have an excuse to resist the charms of a black kitty. These little balls of fur are extremely affectionate and will save you money on vet bills. You also won’t have to worry about them getting into trouble while out on the prowl. So, adopt a black cat and begin enjoying all the good luck it brings!