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Christmas gift ideas for your cat

Your cat is a member of the family and surely you feel like giving him or her a special gift to celebrate Christmas together. To make things easier for you, we’ve chosen a few creative gift ideas for your cat. These original and surprising presents will allow your pet to join in on the holiday festivities. So take note! 

  1. Those mysterious empty boxes
    You’ve certainly noticed that there is no better toy for your cat than an empty box or a roll of toilet paper. So give your cat the empty toy boxes. They’ll love getting inside, hiding and playing and, most of all, pouncing on you when you walk by.
  2. Buying a new scratching post every year won’t hurt!
    This time of year is a great moment to give your cat a new scratching post. And if your house has various hiding spots and floors, your cat will have even more fun.
  3. Let your cat go hunting
    No, we’re not talking about letting your cat roam free in the wilderness, but just preparing an assortment of hunting toys: balls, cloth mice… Your cat will love them all!
  4. Catnip
    Are you familiar with catnip? Cats are very drawn to catnip, which makes them want to play. Many cat toys on the market contain it. You can also find it fresh or in seeds to keep at home.
  5. Show your support
    By making a donation to a local animal shelter, you will be helping other cats that aren’t as lucky as yours.
  6. Get healthy
    We all want to be in good shape all year long, especially at this time of year. Take advantage of the season to give your cat his or her annual check-up. Get up to date on your cat’s vaccines, deworming and identification

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