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Cat-friendly vet clinics

Until very recently, vet clinics cared for all of their patients (dogs, cats, and other pets) in the same way, with a single waiting room and the same consultation and management techniques for all animals. Thanks to advances in research and a better understanding of cats’ behaviour and special needs, professional associations that allow vets to specialise in feline medicine have recently developed. As a result, general clinics are already beginning to distinguish themselves as ‘cat-friendly clinics’.

What does it take to become a cat-friendly clinic?

  • Special areas where feline patients can stay while waiting to be treated, in elevated and quiet locations far away from dogs.
  • Separate consultation rooms just for cats, where they’re patiently handled at their own pace in order to reduce unnecessary stress as much as possible.
  • Hospitalisation areas that are also specifically customised for cats.

In addition to smaller clinics making these changes, some specialised clinics have recently emerged that cater exclusively to cats. Large hospitals have even begun to specialise in feline medicine and to put specific cat-friendly protocols in place. These days, practically any veterinary clinic is prepared to give cat owners the most up-to-date guidelines on caring for their cats, preventing diseases, improving their environment and emotional health, and enabling them to coexist in harmony with their humans.

What’s your experience of veterinary clinics?