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7 Christmas Dangers for Cats

If you want to enjoy this year’s festivities in peace and stress-free, then carefully read about how to avoid the seven most common risks your cat may face during the holiday season.

  1. Shut the door!
    It’s normal to have guests over during this time of year. Make sure you don’t accidentally leave any doors open that would allow your cat to run away!
  2. Prevent burns
    If you have a fireplace, be careful not to let your cat get near it. And if your cat likes laying down next to it, make sure embers that could cause burns don’t come out. If you decorate your home with candles, make sure they are completely out of your cat’s reach. Cats are very attracted by flames and if they try to play with them, they could cause a fire or get seriously burnt.
  3. Beware of toxic plants
    Certain decorative plants that are typical for the holiday season are actually very harmful to cats, especially poinsettias, silver fir and mistletoe. Keep them off-limits from your cat.
  4. Cat food only
    If you want to reward your cat because it is a special time of year, you can put out special cat food. Don’t let your cat nibble on homemade food during family meals because certain foods contain excess fat and can produce pancreatitis. Other foods are very toxic for cats, such as chocolate, onions, grapes, xylitol (a type of sweetener), and certain spices, amongst others.
  5. Decorations are not to be eaten
    Be careful with gift wrapping paper and decorations; cats are very attracted by decorative ribbons and can swallow them, which could lead to an intestinal blockage.
  6. Hairballs, during Christmas too
    Brush your cat more frequently if you are going to spend more time at home and have the heater on: your cat will shed more and thus run a greater risk of forming hairballs.
  7. Batteries, out of sight
    Make sure to remove batteries from toys: they can be toxic and very dangerous to cats if they try to play with or swallow them.

And, above all else, enjoy your cat’s company during this holiday season

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